Why are potatoes like coaching?

Did you know that when potatoes first arrived in Europe, people wouldn’t touch them?!
They were very cautious.

It took mass famine, one king and 200 years before opinions shifted and the spud was embraced by all!

But why on earth am I telling you this?

Well sadly, just like the potato, coaching is often misunderstood.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the word ‘coaching’ but what exactly is it?
And . . .


Now, you might think a name like ‘Transformational Coaching’ sounds a bit woo woo. It’s not. No navel-gazing here.

So let’s explore.

A close up of a camera shutter lens with rainbow reflection.

First . . .

Two common types of coaching and what they achieve;

Performance Coaching - Helps you improve a specific skill or technique. For example a tennis serve or rowing stroke.

Developmental Coaching - Helps improve and refine how systems operate. You learn and then take action. Used in life coaching, work and business.

Both are incredibly effective.

They focus on improvement, refinement, strategy, technique, learning etc.

They create CHANGE.

They focus on CHANGING what you’re DOING.

Transformational Coaching includes both performance and developmental coaching, but takes it further.

Coaching for Transformation is a bolder leap than just change.

It explores who you’re BEING in relation to achieving the results you want.

It asks a deeper question -

“who do you need to ‘BE’ in order to bring your goals or dreams into reality?”

Instead of only asking -

“what do you need to ‘DO’?”


You want to alter a part of your life.
Something you’ve not done before but you’re committed.
Determined to make it happen.

You take a leap of faith and make a big CHANGE.
You achieve your goal.

However . . . all your underlying thoughts and beliefs stay the same.
The result of this means the change is either temporary OR you struggle to naturally apply the same technique to other areas in your life.

In other words, it’s not become your automatic way of ‘BEING’

Incremental CHANGE can keep you trapped in a life of ‘DOING’

You’re in constant reaction to the environment around you.
You keep busy and focussed working hard on your immediate tasks or concerns.

Thinking you’re DOING all the right stuff but never achieving your


Woman wearing virtual reality headset.

Transformational Coaching does what it says

It TRANSFORMS who you are BEING.

Once you radically alter who you are BEING, you create opportunity to produce profound results in your life.

Your big vision or dream you think is impossible?

It now becomes possible as you approach choices, way of thinking and challenges in a totally different way than you did before.

Albert Einstein

So how does Transformational Coaching relate to you?

Let’s use your relationship to money as an example.

Whatever your ‘money mind-set’ is, it’s been formed since a very young age.
You’ve developed beliefs, concepts and an attitude to money that’s unique to you.

This might have come from grow-ups saying things like;

money doesn’t grow on trees’
‘look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves’

You may have been given pocket money or not.
You may have lost money, won money, saved money or blown money.
Earnt more than you once thought possible or right now, still earn a lot less than you deserve!

All your unique references to money have accumulated over time.
Consciously and subconsciously, these now define all your thoughts, choices and interactions with it.

Stop walk traffic light sign with orange stop hand illuminated.

The Result?

Your internal operating system is programmed with your ‘BELIEFS’ about money.
How it exists (or not!) in your life.
Positively or negatively.

If you’re wanting to go for a promotion and earn more or perhaps invest in your future but not taking action, it’s your ‘BELIEFS’ that limit you.

When it comes to decisions and action with money, are you ‘BEING’ someone who’s controlled by ‘scarcity’ or self-limiting mindset?

Money's just one example.

Have a think.

Where else might your beliefs and mindsets be shaping your life and keeping you stuck?

Nine old floppy discs lying on a purple background.

A NEW VERSION is ready to download

Beliefs are unconsciously there without you realising.
Often embedded as habit and auto-pilot controlling how you live.

Transformational Coaching helps you explore your current operating system to see what’s going on.

A bit like downloading an update.

You do this for your computer but stay blind to the fact your unhelpful beliefs need overwriting.

You stay stuck.

But you're human

Not a computer.
That’s why we use coaching.

It’s my job to help you uncover what’s holding you back.

To help you step into creating possibility in all areas of life.

Be defined by who you’re BEING, not what you’re doing.

“Oh the places you'll go!”
Dr. Seuss
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