Hi, I'm Matt

My mission, is helping independent thinkers like you, turn ‘not fitting a mould’, into your greatest gift.

When you build your own path in life,
you can sometimes feel very alone. 

While others seem to be zooming ahead.
You feel you’re losing ground.

I’m with you.
I’ve felt that too.

But as the world evolves at lightning speed, the need for people like us is growing.
Independent thinkers equipped with multidimensional skills and unique hard-earned talent.

So nothing excites me more than helping you turn 'not fitting a mould', into your greatest gift.

Writing your own rules.
Claiming control, freedom and independence.
Creating the kind of success that’s meaningful to you.

No one else.

About Me
A photo of Kermit the frog.
I was a quiet kid. A misfit.
But there was tons I wanted to see and do.

I knew that if I didn’t make brave choices, I’d miss out on my dreams.
From a young age I decided, forget trying to fit in.
I’m going to live life my way, and no one’s going to tell me what to do.

My heroes, The Muppets, inspired me to embrace my creativity, not fit a mould, do things differently and just be ME!

After business studies at college, I packed my bag and moved to London to create a life doing work I love.

I built a visual career with big retail brands and independents, worked on photo shoots, fashion shows and events, trained teams, managed projects, and met many inspiring people on the way.

When I pitched to my first freelance client, my heart was thumping.
I shared my vision, named my price and got the gig.

I discovered what you can achieve when you don’t hold back.

A man riding motorbike on dirt track.
But I’ve made mistakes and been knocked off course.

I’ve been broke, burned out and had dreams crushed.
Had self-doubt, perfectionism, impostor syndrome . . .

I’ve spend nights binge-viewing Youtube, feeling lost.
Searching for answers to - How did I end up here? What next? How do I move life to the next level?

But learnt even when your dreams feel like they’re slipping, you can always get back on track.

New adventures are ahead.

Moving to Paris, I opened new doors.

For me, moving to live in another country was a case of 'when', not 'if'.
Immersing myself in the culture, people, language, sights, tastes and smells.
The real (not tourist) version.

But nothing prepares you.
Wonders and challenges. Laughter and tears.
Joy of 'this is amazing', to cold terror of 'what have I done?!!'
Embracing it all was profoundly life changing.
(My partner shared this dream, an adventure we lived together)

Professionally, I wanted to test out new ideas.
I created new opportunity, coaching clients from biotech, education, marketing and political science.
I shared all my unconventional career experience in a totally new way.
I helped them build confident communication and authentic self expression.

This was the very start of what I do today.

Panoramic photo of a park in Paris.
Returning to London, I reshaped my vision.

Bringing my experience and passions together, along with a qualification in coaching, I began growing my life to the next level.

I've forged my own unique and independent path.
Discovered the magic of being bold, brave and vulnerable.
Learnt the importance of sharing oodles of personality in all you do.

Being the leader in your life is about valuing your courage and curiosity, and seeing you’ve the potential for more.

A man stood with his hands in pockets and smiling.
So if you’re reading this . . .

Whether you’re a business owner, freelance or a solopreneur,
have a portfolio career or a side gig . . .

It’s my mission to help you thrive whilst living your unconventional dreams.

Getting clear on where you’re heading and creating the confidence to get there.
Life on your terms with freedom and adventure.

You already have what it takes.
Live outside the mould and share your greatness with the world.

No apologies.

Be a Rebel and a Rule Breaker

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A man driving a yellow tractor through a bare field.
Is it true . . . ?
Sporting triumphs

I ran the London Marathon, raising £2500 for charity.
I completed a triathlon in a pair,
9 mile run, 18 mile trail cycle, 6 mile kayak.
Finishing last 😂

less is more

I'm a minimalist.
Eight months as a WOOFer (working on organic farms) in the South of France with nothing but a bike and a few clothes taught me the freedom and joy of living with less.

Don't ask me to sing or dance

I'm an introvert.
Give me an art house or indie film over a noisy party.
Although . . . photos are in circulation of me belting out a Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers duet in a karaoke bar, South Korea.

I've ballooned

Not gassy belly! Hot air balloon.
Perfect conditions and a light breeze took us way beyond our planned destination.
Forced to land, we ploughed into a row of trees, smashed through branches and crashed in a farmers field.

I'm a public speaking trainer

Part of growing up in a Jehovah's Witness family meant having to stand on a platform and speak into a microphone. To 100's people. With zero training.
It terrified me every time.
The fear never went away.

Fast forward to January 2019.
For the year ahead, I wanted an impossible challenge.
One that made me sick to my stomach and filled me with terror.

I found the perfect course.
'Fear of Public Speaking' that focussed on vulnerability.
WTF! 😱

It was one of the hardest things I've ever done.
But gave it everything I had.

After completing it, Mike, the founder and CEO asked me to join him as one of his course trainers at School Of Connection.

Facing my fear, I changed my life.

I now dream of TED

I've a secret dream of one day giving a TED talk.
Every one I've watched has had positive impact on my life and inspired me to grow.
The tiniest idea can trigger a wave of transformation.
And for that, I'd love to contribute my voice.

MY muses (in no particular order)

Marina Abramović, Bear Grylls, Invader, JR ('photograffeur'/street artist), RuPaul, Gaga, Pedro Almodóvar

one last word

Never ride a motorbike without a helmet.
Or take yourself too seriously.