Hi I'm Matt

I love variety and have many passions - creativity, communication, adventure, design, art, human behaviour, fashion, learning, business and the wild outdoors.

I’m also strongly independent and mostly been my own boss. This has allowed me to weave all these passions into my work.

After studying business and finance, I packed my bags and moved to London. I combined my business brain and creative skills and built a visual career in the fashion industry. I’ve worked on photo shoots, runway shows, PR and marketing events, trained teams, managed projects, designed installations and worked with many inspiring people along the way. A rocky road with wins, fails, and a lot of hard work!

From all my experiences, a new dream started to grow.
To share my creative mind and adventurous thinking to empower others.

I wasn’t sure how I’d do it, but I started to try different things.

It wasn’t til 2014, when my partner and I created an opportunity to move to Paris, that the magic happened . . .

Here’s how it all began. . .


The home to haute couture, half a million dogs and a metro system perfumed with disinfectant and wee.

I was living in this amazing city but nothing prepared me for the challenge of communication.
I was learning French but far from fluent.

Most Parisians speak English, which was great one to one, but when it came to social gatherings, I hit a wall.

I struggled to express myself, let my personality shine, feel relaxed and just chat. I felt my identity was being stripped away.
My spontaneity, my humour, my sharing of ideas, my enthusiasm. The essence of me!

It didn’t help, that during this time I suffered impacted wisdom teeth. This gave me lock-jaw for several weeks. I could barely open my mouth 😬.
Struggling to eat and trying to speak French like a ventriloquist, did nothing to boost my self-esteem!

I joke about it now, but at the time I was in a pretty dark place.

The experience brought back memories being young. Feeling awkward and self-conscious. Unable to share my thoughts.

Building my career I’d worked hard to become a confident communicator. To leave the self-conscious me behind. I’d totally taken it for granted in London.

Why Mr Popular?!

It was time to take back control.

Once my teeth were sorted and I could open my mouth, I posted an ad for language practice on a site called Conversation Exchange.
In just two days I’d received a flood of requests.

What was going on?

I discovered there weren’t many guys in Paris with my professional experience and a British accent. I offered something unique.
For a month, I met people one-to-one in cafes. I practiced French, they practiced English.

As well as English, people wanted me to share my creative and fashion knowledge. To help them with things like presentations, training, marketing and sales.

Something clicked! I loved it.
The entrepreneurial whisper in my head said: “Matt, turn this into a paid service.”

A vision formed. To combine my unique career experience and British accent to bring clients confidence in a language not their own.

I started ‘English Coaching’.


This wasn’t teaching (I’m not an English teacher), it was ’Coaching’.

I challenged clients thinking to unearth their hidden skills and talents.
They saw themselves differently and achieved things they never thought possible.

I worked with clients from biotech, education, marketing and political science, on presentations, lectures and international trade events.

The result?



Adama - Paris
"I have all the confidence I need, and I got my story published!
Matt's a great coach. He really listens"
Alex - Shanghai
"Matt helped me prepare for an important meeting. My presentation was a success and my company won the international contract"
Naoko - Tokyo
"Intense and continuous motivation is the greatest gift Matt's given me"

Hundreds of Espressos Later ...

I’d worked with amazing people. We’d spent beautiful moments in the cafes of Paris.

This was what I’d been looking for!

Since moving back to London, I’ve taken my coaching to the next level.
I’ve qualified in Transformational Coaching at Animas. A leading centre accredited by the ICF who set the global standards for coaching.


To help clients like you, get the life YOU want.

I’m honoured to be able to help people transform their life in ways they couldn’t imagine.
I don’t claim to have all the answers but I do know this…Whatever it is YOU want to achieve, it’s possible.
All it takes is that first step,
I’m with you all the way.

This site’s dedicated to helping you get unstuck and move life to the next level.

So let’s stay connected.
Be part of this.

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