My name's Matt,

I help people like you build authentic confidence.

So you can create a life doing work you love.

Nothing excites me more, than helping you discover what you can achieve, when you don’t live under a cloud of self-doubt.

I was a quiet kid. A misfit. But there was tons I wanted to see and do.

I knew that if I didn’t make brave choices, I’d miss out on my dreams.

My heroes, The Muppets, inspired me to embrace my creativity, not fit a mould, do things differently and just be ME!

Photo of Kermit the frog.

After business studies, I packed my bag and moved to London to create a life doing work I love.

When I pitched to my first freelance client, my heart was thumping.

I shared my vision, named my price and got the gig. I discovered what you can achieve when you don’t hold back.

I built a visual career with big brands and independents, worked on photo shoots, fashion shows and events, trained teams, managed projects, and met many inspiring people on the way.

I’ve made mistakes, but not let fear stop me.

I’ve known what it’s like to have life knock you sideways and leave you lost and hopeless.

But learnt even when your dreams are drifting, you can get back on track. New adventures are ahead.

Moving to Paris opened new doors.

Coaching clients from biotech, education, marketing and political science, I helped them build skills in communication and self expression. A natural, authentic confidence.

The start of what I do today.

I’ve discovered the magic of being bold, brave and vulnerable.

Sharing oodles of personality in all you do, and living your unconventional dreams.

I’ve learnt being the leader in your life isn’t as complicated as it seems.

It’s about being human, owning your worth, valuing others and what you have and seeing you’ve the potential for more.

Man riding motorbike on dirt track.

I don’t sell confidence by the bottle.

But if you’re tired of your doubting Gremlins, and want new possibility and freedom . . .

my mission is to help you.

Yes, I want Authentic Confidence
Life coach Matt Ainsley smiling.
Photos: Kermit by Adam Evertsson, Paris by Kris Atomic