Taking control.
Reclaiming freedom.

Client success stories from around the world.
Independent thinking and adventurous hearts, creating success but refusing to fit a mould.

Curious what’s possible for you?

I can’t bullshit myself anymore. I learnt how to take back control, and that for me has been huge.

In just 4 weeks I’ve done things I wouldn’t have done before. This programme gave me much more clarity, no doubt, and I’ve seen my confidence bloom.

This year brought so many changes, I felt like a wanderer caught in thick fog.
No sense of direction, and definitely no clarity and confidence. None in myself, the world, or the people around me.
I was scared my level of uncertainty and ‘stuckedness’ would be too vast to tackle  in a few hours.

A sentence in Matt’s free confidence download really caught my attention. So I decided to give his programme a go. Anything that could help me kick the feeling of confusion away sounded encouraging.

The exercise was like a huge spotlight in my face. I loved it. It’s like ‘god this guy really wants to know where I am in life, he doesn’t just want to hear a little story’. I was surprised to realise how easily I fall into mental traps to justify lack of action.

Doing this takes commitment and stepping outside your comfort zone. It’s been challenging, fun and motivating. I feel equipped with new tools, helpful for many situations to come.

I can’t bullshit myself anymore! I’ve dropped my endless list of SHOULDs.
How great it feels to climb out of a stagnant situation. Allowing someone to be your guide

Matt's ability to listen without judgement made me feel comfortable to open up.

Thank you so much Matt.

Head of Visual
Milan, Italy
I learned how to fight for what I want again. I retrained and got a business off the ground. You helped me see I’m capable of so much more.

When I first met Matt, I was in a really lost place. I’d just left a steady job in Marketing I was unhappy with, and was dog walking for money without any real passion or direction. While I enjoyed hanging out with cute doggies in the park, I wasn’t being serious about my future. I knew I was ‘kicking the can down the road’ and something had to be done.

I’d tried some life coaching before that was more ‘templated’ but without experiencing any real success or gaining any clarity or insight. My career had imploded and I couldn’t see any way forward. I knew things needed to change and I needed some help.

What started as a few sessions turned into a longer coaching journey that significantly transformed my life. In that time, I retrained and got a business off the ground. Most importantly, I got to the heart of why it was so difficult to get clear on what I wanted to be happy. I had some very deeply ingrained limiting beliefs holding me back.

I learned change (real change) takes time. It took a while to start re-programming how I thought and to approach things differently. Especially after years of the same negative thinking patterns running on overdrive.

Matt helped me discover who I needed to BE to get where I wanted to go.
How to reframe and re-write the stories I’d been telling myself about my past and my life.

What I love so much about Matt’s approach is how open, non-judgemental and exploratory it is. While he works with you every session to develop a clear intent, I felt really listened to and safe to open up. This helped me unpack years of limiting beliefs and find the courage to move forward.

Sometimes, he really challenged me! But that was more than ok, because it often led me to transformative realisations. He helped me see I was capable of so much more. With Matt, I learned how to fight for what I want again.

And, did I mention the sessions were fun?!
What was great about working with Matt is his fantastic sense of humour. He’s wasn’t afraid to have a laugh, which made me feel all the more comfortable. He brings a calm yet light-hearted energy to everything he does which made me look forward to every session.

Hands down I’d work with Matt again, he’s incredible!!

Rachel G.
Content Marketing Specialist & Copywriter
Halifax, Canada
I discovered the power of setting a career goal that is rooted in my values. I now look ahead with more energy and drive. This is a great programme which helped me achieve a lot in a short period of time.

I was keen to try a new approach to unblocking my career and opening up possibilities. Matt's programme immediately looked useful for my situation. I’ve been struggling with procrastination and perfectionism for some time, and these were holding me back in achieving my career goals.

Matt's approach allowed me to tap into my creative side - something I know is there, but often suppressed by the more logical, structured part of my mind. I discovered the power of setting a career goal that is rooted in my values. I often set my sights quite narrowly. When I set them based on my values, I keep options open and allow ideas and creativity to flow.

The results of the exercise surprised me. Doing it triggered a different way of thinking. I found it working on many levels. It became a really useful tool in unearthing deeper thoughts and ideas. It’s stayed with me and is a powerful reminder of what I've learnt.

We explored ways I could build momentum, and at the end of the programme Matt helped me put together a really good plan.

It was fantastic to work with you Matt. I always felt you were totally present. 100% working to understand my situation, and help me make positive change in my life.

Changing yourself and how you think when you’re 30 something is pretty difficult to do. You were kind and non judgemental, which allowed me to open up and explore challenges which I don’t usually speak about.

This experience has been a really important one in my journey. I now look at my situation more positively, define goals differently, and look ahead with more energy and drive.

This is a great programme which helped me achieve a lot in a short period of time. Thank you!

Sustainable Food Advisor
London, UK
I’ve taken responsibility to live by my own values. For me this has been huge. It’s brought me freedom and independence.

Before working with Matt I’d lost confidence in myself and felt isolated. It was a difficult moment as I didn’t have stable work. I didn’t know what I wanted or what I could do.

For me Japanese culture doesn’t have flexibility. Exams, university, job, marriage, kids... is seen as a ‘natural way of living’. If you deviate from that, you’re seen as ‘strange’.

Following all the customs, my life was feeling dark, heavy, hard and painful. Instead of following blindly that path, I wanted to find a way of living that suits me. However, the pressure given by society was strong, so I spent days feeling inferior to people around me.

I gave up expressing myself. Feeling ‘I’m not worth being considered’. It was safer to agree with others, even if it’s not really what I thought or felt. I was afraid of rejection and conflict.

So I wanted to find my own way to live my life. The big questions were, Who am I? What am I interested in? What do I want to achieve?

Within a culture that doesn’t like change, I’ve changed. I’ve found my own way to live in the social context of Japan. Of course I always respect harmony and peace with others but now if there’s something I want to do, I will do it. I’ve taken responsibility to live by my own values. For me this has been huge. It’s brought me freedom and independence.

Matt led me to change my way of thinking naturally. Each session helped me achieve a goal.
I learnt it’s always possible to shape my life as I want to.

Before, I felt very nervous to start a new thing or meet a person for the first time. Now with colleagues, I have more positive relationships. I give my opinion honestly without hesitation. I’ve become more assertive and respect my thoughts. Which was strange to me at first, but I think it's proof that my mindset has grown with coaching.

I learnt the value of flexibility, lightness, and being playful. Sometimes even for a big work issue or task. To achieve a goal, that seems hard, if I shift focus to see the other side of things, it becomes easier.

I became adventurous, creative and braver. More excited than afraid to challenge myself. If I do something wrong or if I lose, I can stand up again and take a different challenge.

When I worked with Matt, it was hard for me to reply to some of his questions. I’d never thought about them before. But they led me to discover how to behave when problems happen.

Matt’s guidance is insightful, natural and full of new discoveries. The best thing I appreciate is his considerate and reliable character. He genuinely cares.

If you want to take the first step to change yourself, I definitely recommend Matt. Speaking with him really opened my eyes. You’ll never regret it!

Intense and continuous motivation is the greatest gift Matt’s given me.

Alumni Network Manager, Cultural services, French Embassy Japan
Tokyo, Japan
This Kickstart saved me 1000s of euros on a project that just wasn’t right for me. Not to mention all the time and emotional investment.

I was worrying over a big decision. To either move forward with a professional project, or stop. I felt working with a life coach would help me explore it from different angles. I didn’t want anything ‘New-Agey’, and at the same time not too ‘we’re gonna take over the world!’

The exercise was the most important thing we did. It really worked, I actually felt a change. I gained a breakthrough on how I was looking at issues, and where I really wanted to go.

I learned how important a level of fun is to a project. For me to be able to work at it. I made the decision to quit the project and feel confident with my decision.

I made other action steps to help me professionally and found new approaches to dealing with challenges. I’m more creative than I realised, and have learned to trust it.

Matt took genuine interest in my problems and concerns and didn’t judge. His focus was 'what do you want? That’s what we'll do.' He’s an excellent listener who didn’t define my goals for me, but helped me refine what I was looking to accomplish.

I found you very positive, but not in a fake way. You were there for me, on my side. Not just as a Cheerleader but as a ‘let’s do this together’!

This was exactly what I needed at this moment in my life.
I was looking for clarity, and I definitely got it.

Marseille, France
It doesn't matter where in life you feel stuck, want a boost, or need clarity: This program will leave you feeling changed, motivated and empowered.

I’m really lucky I found this program, it was fantastic.

After just one session I started applying for jobs I’d never considered before. After session two, I had 2 interviews and got offered both jobs! I discovered my professional profile, however atypical, is desired by employers.

Before we spoke I’d done some interviews that had gone poorly. Confused about how to reorient my professional life, it was hard to recognise my value. I’d been thinking of myself in a ‘small’ way. I was far from meeting my potential, totally lost and my confidence was waning.

Matt asked several piercing, pertinent questions. They forced me to think about deeply-rooted but ignored thoughts and notions. I loved feeling ‘caught’, because his questions made so much sense. It was like popping an overly-inflated balloon, and letting go of the pressure of outdated ideas.

I went from feeling afraid of being successful, to presenting myself proudly. Confidently stating my salary expectations and saying ‘Here I am, Hire me!’
Knowing ‘there ain’t nobody going to sell me, but me!’ And asking myself  ‘Does this employer deserve me? Are they going to pay me what I'm worth?’

I still reflect on some of Matt’s questions and continue to have ‘light bulb’ moments. I’m more relaxed and able to bring a steady stream of giggles back into my life.

For me, it was an incredible alignment of timing. An important support in a format that fit my schedule and budget. It was SO worth it.

Intercultural Communications Specialist & Project Manager
Paris, France
I've had some challenging decisions, but working with you has given me the confidence to tackle them.

I was in the first few months of a new job which was challenging, and just moved home. I had my doubts how helpful coaching would be, as I’m quite self-sufficient.

I’ve gained clarity, have more confidence at work and I’m taking more initiative. This means I got the best training possible at the start of my job.
I’ve had some challenging decisions, but working with you has given me the confidence to tackle them.

As I didn't know you, I wasn't sure I'd be completely open, and was worried this would stop me getting the most out of the sessions.
But you made me feel completely comfortable. You’re a great listener and I can be totally open. Whatever is buzzing around my head, you help me think it through.

I would say to anyone, it’ll be better than you think!
Even if you don't feel particularly stuck, just talking through your ideas with Matt will help you see everything in a new way and make breakthroughs.

Daniel A.
Trainee Solicitor
London, UK
Two words - CLARITY & CONFIDENCE. Clarity on what I want to do, confidence to do it. It’s been brilliant.

I hit exactly the goal I started off with but in ways I didn’t expect.

Your genius was to bring all the opportunities to solve a problem out in front of me.
I think I always asked myself the wrong questions. You don’t.

Before I used to say ‘yes’ to most relevant business opportunities but now before I say yes, I feel confident in asking myself ‘is it really the BEST opportunity and the kind of opportunity I want?’

I now quickly sort that through in my mind pretty much straight away. Which I wasn’t able to do before because I had no clarity on my priorities before speaking to you. I’m much better at saying ‘no’ for the right reasons.

I’m now in a position to move forward with lots of different options. You’ve helped me map out the detail of the direction I’m going. Properly, without fear or second guessing. I feel completely confident.

The forward thinking of it all made it such a positive experience.

I loved that in every single session you helped me hit goals and get clear answers.
That felt amazing. I’ve been able to get to this point and nothing’s gone away. The clarity you’ve given me is still there.
The other thing you did was to tap back into – ‘have you done what we’ve discussed Shannon?’ Which made me really want to do it, because I knew you were going to ask me! That accountability, it really helped.

There’s no easier way to do this coaching.
I mean, to take an hour out of your day, in your own home, at your own time schedule, to hit goals that you came up with yourself but never knew you wanted. It’s not a really big ask is it?!
It makes me laugh when people say they don’t have time to do something like this. Everyone has that time, it’s just that there are always so many endless excuses.

Excuses you have right now are just immediate problems that you need to sort out!

Matt, it’s been so good to feel the confidence and clarity that I do, I just wish I could get that across to people.
I’ve recommended you to absolutely everyone and for all different reasons.
It’s been amazing Matt. You’re great at it!

Shannon D.
London, UK
Real impact in a short space of time. You’ve given me confidence and self-belief, it was a kick up the bum!

I’d just done a PR challenge for my bakery business on Facebook. It’d gone well and I wanted to keep momentum.
Normally I’d then shy away and go back to being quiet, hidden and invisible. So I needed something to keep going. Challenge, accountability and exploring what I want to do with my business and how to do it.

My initial thought was, is your Clarity and Confidence Kickstart right for me?
It was stepping outside my safe little zone, and I’m not a 'step outside your comfort zone' type of person! Am I going to jump in enough to get anything out of it?

What surprised me was how much I got out of it in a short space of time.
It really is very focussed. And it wasn’t too big a step. It was just enough.

From week 1 to week 2, part of me would have gone ‘I can’t do this’. I expected I might just go through the motions.
But in just one week, to have had our call, built on my ideas, took action and come out the end with an actual plan. I didn’t expect that.

It gave me a mindset shift. A more positive way of thinking.
It’s funny how ideas start to reveal themselves. Drawing things from my life that already work well and bits of my personality I can bring into my business.

I got rid of all those 'shoulds'. I should be this, I should be that.
I think way too complicated, I just need to keep it simple.
Now I’m clearer, I can focus on it, embrace it and nurture it.

‘Kickstart’ is exactly what I got out of it.
The push, the start. The “here you go, get on your way, I’m holding on the back of your bike and now I’ve let go”
You’ve given me confidence and self-belief, it was a kick up the bum!

If you’re thinking about doing this, just give it a go. Matt’s very easy to talk to and work with. He challenged me but I never felt pressured.
You’ll be surprised what you can achieve.
Real impact in a short space of time.

Micro-bakery entrepreneur
London, UK
You helped me gain clarity and confidence in my life adventure

To use a metaphor, I’d say you helped me pull out the weeds from the garden to better plant the seeds of my next steps.

The best thing working with you was the feeling of space you gave me. I didn’t feel limited or restrained in what was coming up (and god knows it can be messy coming from my mind!).

I felt very much allowed to be myself and speak accordingly.
But you were also very able to keep a certain order in what we were exploring.

This combination between allowing and structuring gave a very adventure-oriented angle to your coaching. A feeling of paving the way to a path of alignment and courage.

Marc S.
Recruitment Consultant | Boxer
Paris, France
I found the confidence to go for a promotion, and I got it!

Before our sessions I was doubting myself saying: ‘I won’t go for it as other people are better’. But our sessions geared me up to say ‘no, you CAN do it Lauren and it’s the next step in your career’. You made me feel stronger and believe in myself.

Our focus on my confidence at work has really helped me. I’m assertive and dive in a lot more. People have noticed I’m so much more organised, calmer and relaxed. I still have ‘moments’ but they’re far less often. I feel on top of it. I’m pushing myself because you’ve made me see that I CAN do it.

I come up with more ideas and look ahead at what’s coming up. Rather than put things off, I say to myself ‘I’m going to start that now!’. It’s important for everyone to have a goal they can reach. To set yourself a challenge like I did, then go for it and achieve it.

It’s been good to explore. To get a better, stronger understanding of myself. You listened and came up with questions to deepen my thinking.

I was a bit worried what you might think of me at first Matt, but you’re very easy to talk to and understanding. You were really good with me, it was relaxed and I could open up quite a lot to you without feeling anxious. It was a comfortable environment where I could be very open and honest.

You’re very reliable and you were there for me as support.
It just comes naturally to you.

A big thank you.

Lauren D.
Assistant Head Teacher | Fitness Instructor
London, UK
I'm now more aware of what I want for my life

You helped me to focus on myself and find out what I really want to do.

I feel more confident about my choices because I’ve changed the process of how I make them. I am more aware and centred.

I’ve realised that life is a day-to-day adventure whereas I was focussing on the adventure being one day in the future.

I felt very comfortable sharing, as you created a very safe space from the beginning. There was trust and confidence. I loved the fact it was so easy to talk and to be true.

Anne-Sophie P.
Events Officer
Paris, France
I felt much more confident to write job applications. I worried much less about the interviews and as a result, I landed that job!

You’ve got me to see the best in myself and moved me forward from the place that I was. I’m not anxious at all in the way that I was before. I’ve now got the coping mechanisms. I’m able to do what I want to do and be much more in the moment.

I was in a place where it was getting to crisis point but you helped me flip that over. You’ve helped me think so much more about how the way I behave and my attitudes impact on the results I get. I was already reasonably self-aware but it’s just being able to focus on what’s within your power to change.

Working with Matt’s like unblocking a terrible traffic jam. However good your friends are, they don’t sit and ask you the right questions to get the best out of you.

As long as you know that you’re prepared to dig deep and work out where your limitations might be, it’s incredibly valuable when you identify for yourself what you can practically do. It crystallises a plan of action that takes you on a more constructive path than the one you’re on.

You begin to recognise that you’re actually good because of ‘this’, instead of rubbish because of ‘that’. I now see that I’m good at loads of things and I’m the only person who can get that out there and show it to the world.

I think coaching’s a really valid process if you’re stuck. You feel like you’re getting a cleansing experience. The uncertainty and the fear of the unknown get kind of dissipated through the process.

You’ve got the adaptability and the professional background that means you can get on with and help many different sorts of people. You were incredibly patient when I had complete brain-blockages. It just made me laugh sometimes and didn’t feel contrived in any way. You’ve definitely got a knack of defusing a situation with humour and it’s natural.

Cathy T.
Work Placement Officer
London, UK
I was challenged by anxiety. I now feel empowered.

Working with you had such a profound impact on me.

You guided me to make the changes myself, to get to where I needed to be. I couldn’t have done that on my own.
You really listened to every word and helped me piece it together to get a totally new perspective.

With your support, I went away from our sessions feeling empowered.
Knowing that I’m the one who can make the change.

I definitely feel a lot happier, healthier and more optimistic for the future.
A lot more confident

I’d 100% recommend you in a heartbeat.

Birmingham, UK
I had a block around my own value and worth. I’ve now set myself into a position where I can earn more from what I do.

I had a block around my own value and worth. Particularly around being able to charge for things. Really valuing my knowledge and skills.

I’ve noticed I need to set myself goals and prioritise what I’m doing. I’ve never been good at that. Now I have a plan. I say to myself 'just move towards that goal bit by bit’. That way I get a result, it feels really good and I feel more empowered.

I’ve been able to clarify what I offer and who are the people I intend to help. This is what my service is worth and to showcase that worth. I’ve set myself into a position where I can earn more from what I do.

You’re very calm and grounded, very clear. You’re able to read quite easily between the lines, what’s being said and you see the recurring patterns with relative ease.
I’m following your example in my work.

S. Swardt
Yoga Wellness Coach
London, UK
I feel empowered and more confident. Understanding my problems and how to solve them quickly is life changing.

A bit about me and the coaching sessions . . .

After 10 years in the UK, I made a career change from engineer to UX designer.
My new job is more people facing and I need to talk to a range of audiences, facilitate workshops and presentations. My communication was not at the level I wanted and I needed to improve.

I’ve never spent money on coaching. The three things in the back of my mind were - would it be worth it, do I really need it and would I have a good working dynamic with you.
It was definitely value for money!

At first I was reluctant to adjust my communication as I thought I’d lose part of my identity. I’m naturally a funny person. I thought being professional and to the point did not allow being fun. I’d lose that side of me. Through our sessions I totally changed my mindset.

My communication has improved and I’ve maintained my personality.
Still being the same person but a new version. Thanks to what I call building the ‘New Me’, I feel empowered and more confident.
In workshops, 1-2-1s and meetings, people listen to me, I don’t feel nervous and I get results. Life has improved massively and is a lot easier.
Understanding my problems and how to solve them quickly is life changing.

A bit about Matt . . .

I liked your pragmatic approach, you’re very calm and you created a safe space. You were very honest but without being disrespectful or making me feel uncomfortable. You’re very positive, I liked that. The sessions were always fresh and dynamic.

Thanks for everything.  For understanding what mood I was in, in each of our sessions. You didn’t judge.
Thank you very much Matt.

Lucia R.
UX Designer
London, UK