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Founder, Managing Director
London, UK
The worry about presenting sublimed away and creative presentations are now the favourite part of my day.
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Subtle ways you express yourself can completely change how your listeners perceive your 'Big Idea'. The pressure's high.

This thought caused me loads of sleepless nights. Until I met Matt!

I've no idea how he did it, but the worry about presenting sublimed away and creative presentations are now the favourite part of my day.

Entrepreneur and Founder
Budapest, Hungary
How you present your business and sell yourself counts for everything. Working with Matt we now have several international clients, which we wouldn’t have before.
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Event organising is very different to buying something off the internet. Trust is really key.
I’m an expert at what I do, but if I look unsure, they’ll think our company’s not professional. When they trust us, we get more business.

My challenge was that I didn’t dare express myself in English. In spite of knowing I speak quite well. I felt everyone around me is much better and I’m just not good enough. I thought my problem was English knowledge. I should just go for an English course to learn a very high level.

During our sessions I learnt my problem is not what I thought it was.
A self confidence rather than an English speaking issue. It’s opened my mind to see I have more strengths and I’m better than I thought.
Now when a new client writes to me in English I don’t feel worried and stressed out.

It was very surprising because I thought it would be uncomfortable to speak about my fears and challenges, but it was just so natural.

From the start I felt safe, could be honest and share things with you. It’s so important because without this trust and openness, it wouldn’t have worked. It was fun and this helped a lot.

To someone that’s never tried coaching, I’d say if you want to change something in your life you have to dive in and be really open to it.

Chief Operating Officer
London, UK
Since working with Matt I’ve been promoted to COO and won my first big pitch. I never imagined this transformation in such a short time.
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Six months ago I had some impostor syndrome, that I’m never going to be a good presenter, and people will question why I’m in this role.
You can have great presentation slides, but if you can’t explain them you’re not going to get the best result.
I no longer feel held back or that I’m behind native speakers. I feel on the same level and that’s amazing. People take me more seriously.
When I present I feel like I’m meant to be here.

I’ve never had to sell, so the big pitch was huge.
Spending just a bit more time on my client pitch made sure I got a ‘hell yes’ from them! I signed two months of revenue in just two deals. This revenue was the foundation of creating a new division.
My self perception has completely changed from someone who doesn’t do sales to now I can!

Being promoted to COO has had a big impact on me.
When you’re in a senior role, you need to be able to communicate really well.
If you can’t explain your vision, you won’t get to the next level.
I’m not sure I’d have been promoted if I hadn’t worked with you.

I recommend you to everyone.
Honestly Matt it was life changing. The difference is confidence and a new mind set. The whole experience with you was transformative and I didn’t expect this.
Thank you so much because it was amazing.

Senior Project Lead
Budapest, Hungary
It’s been life changing. A great experience that’s helped me professionally, and in my personal life too.
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To be honest, I was a bit afraid at the beginning. Worried I’d be laughed at. That my problem wasn’t a real issue that justified being worked on.

My concern was that I’m not ‘enough’ when working in English. No matter how much I improved my English I still felt nervous. I got stressed before client meetings and had a communication block. When you can’t express yourself the way you want. I was worried this confidence block was connected to me as a person, and I’d have to solve it alone.

The impact of our work has been empowering and life changing. Now I trust myself and this gives me the freedom to speak. I’m braver at the start of meetings and just jump in.

I’ve learnt to share my personality and be more vulnerable. I’m more spontaneous communicating with clients and great at chit chat. This creates a warmer atmosphere, and I have a better relationship with them. I let myself combine the ‘everyday me’ and ‘working me’.

I always felt I could say anything in our sessions and wouldn’t be laughed at. I’m not quite at the level I am in Hungarian, so I’m allowed to make some mistakes. You understood my concerns. Nothing was too big a problem, but something I could change with your coaching. I could rely on you and trust you.

I often have moments when the things you said echo in my head. Like ‘this is what Matt was referring to…’ and it’s so helpful.

I really want to thank you!

Export Director
Shanghai, China
The communication skills I’ve developed have made a remarkable contribution to my career.
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I first contacted Matt to be confident presenting a business proposal, in English, to potential partners in Taiwan. It was a success and we won our first partner in Asia.

As director of a team at an international pharmaceutical company in China, I regularly meet with colleagues all over the world. It’s important to feel and appear relaxed, because if your English isn’t good, your clients start to doubt you. Thanks to working with Matt, I’m confident, and so are my clients.

China’s a traditional country, sometimes seen as less verbally expressive than other cultures. Because of our education - to be respectful, to never brag about achievements - most Chinese are modest. That’s why for many, even if their English is very good, it’s not easy to express their feelings or ideas.

Working with Matt, I’m comfortable sharing my vulnerabilities and expressing ideas, and at the same time staying respectful and open minded to others. This has benefited my relationships in and outside work. I also encourage the importance of communication and trust in my team, so we share honestly and sincerely with each other.

Working with Matt is joyful, motivating and inspiring. He creates a very safe place. I can really share my story and feelings, and he provides fresh angles that are very helpful. 

The communication skills I’ve developed have made a remarkable contribution to my career. It’s the reason I continue working with him.

Art Director
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Matt’s sessions unlocked not just my fears but my whole world. To find new perspective in myself, my work and in others.
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As an art director I need to lead projects, empathise with clients and build good relationships.
My fear was, I didn’t seem professional enough presenting to the division head of a big pharma company. I didn’t have enough language or communication skills to keep flow and dynamism from the beginning of the project to the end.
Maybe it sounds a bit cheesy, but nowadays in this fast running life, you always need to appear confident.
I really needed to boost my confidence to work in English.

It’s really amazing how your session structure worked. How your personality and patience encouraged and pointed directly to my needs.
This way of working in these sessions, concentrating on myself has never happened before.
Sometimes it’s hard to stop for a minute and focus on your needs. So this dedicated time every week helped a lot.

I learned how my emotions and fears were working in the background. I can now leave these behind when I’m presenting or talking.
I’ve a lot more skills, and it’s helped me personally and professionally.

Thank you Matt for these big changes.

Chief Commercial Officer
London, UK
You were totally present, 100% working to understand my situation, which helped me achieve a lot in a short time.
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I was keen to try a new approach to unlocking professional opportunities. I’d been struggling with procrastination and perfectionism for some time, and these were holding me back in achieving my goals.

Matt's approach allowed me to tap into my creative side - something I know is there, but often suppressed by the more logical, structured part of my mind. I discovered the power of setting a goal that is rooted in my values. I often set my sights quite narrowly. When I set them based on my values, I keep options open and allow ideas and creativity to flow.

The results of the exercise surprised me. Doing it triggered a different way of thinking. I found it working on many levels. It became a really useful tool in unearthing deeper thoughts and ideas. It’s stayed with me and is a powerful reminder of what I've learnt.

It was fantastic to work with you Matt. I always felt you were totally present. 100% working to understand my situation, and help me make positive change in my life.

Changing yourself and how you think when you’re 30 something is pretty difficult to do. You were kind and non judgemental, which allowed me to open up and explore challenges which I don’t usually speak about.

This experience has been a really important one in my journey. I now look at my situation more positively, define goals differently, and look ahead with more energy and drive.

This is a great programme which helped me achieve a lot in a short time. Thank you!

Reporter | Production Journalist
Dakar, Sénégal
Matt's ability to enhance my potential and develop my leadership is amazing.
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CX Designer
London, UK
Through our sessions I totally changed my mindset. People listen to me and I get results.
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After 10 years in the UK, I made a career change.
My new role is more people facing, and I need to talk to a range of audiences, facilitate workshops and presentations. My communication was not at the level I wanted and I needed to improve.

I’ve never spent money on coaching. The three things in the back of my mind were - would it be worth it, do I really need it and would I have a good working dynamic with you?
It was definitely value for money!

At first I was reluctant to adjust my communication as I thought I’d lose part of my identity. I’m naturally a funny person. I thought being professional and to the point did not allow for humour. I’d lose that side of me. Through our sessions I totally changed my mindset.

My communication has improved and I’ve maintained my personality.
Still being the same person but a new version. Thanks to what I call building the ‘New Me’, I feel empowered and more confident.

In workshops, 1-2-1s and meetings, people listen to me, I don’t feel nervous and I get results. Life has improved massively and is a lot easier. It’s been life changing.

I liked your approach, you’re very calm and you create a safe space. You were honest but without making me feel uncomfortable. You’re very positive, I liked that. The sessions were always fresh and dynamic.

Thanks for everything.  For understanding what mood I was in, in each of our sessions. You didn’t judge.
Thank you very much Matt.

Alumni Network Manager
Tokyo, Japan
Communicating professionally in English is now a pleasure.
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Before working with Matt I’d lost confidence.

For me Japanese culture doesn’t have flexibility. Exams, university, job, marriage, kids... is seen as a ‘natural way of living’. If you deviate from that, you’re seen as ‘strange’. 

I gave up expressing myself. It was safer to agree with others, even if it’s not really what I thought or felt. I was afraid of conflict.

Matt led me to change my way of thinking naturally. Each session helped me achieve a goal.
I learnt it’s always possible to shape my life as I want to.

Before, I felt very nervous to meet a client for the first time. Now I connect with clients in an authentic and engaging way. Allowing me to communicate with confidence and ease. I give my opinion honestly and speak without hesitation. I’ve become more assertive and respect my thoughts. Which was strange to me at first, but proof my mindset has grown with coaching.

I’ve taken responsibility to live by my own values. For me this has been huge. It’s brought me freedom and independence.

If you want to change yourself, I definitely recommend Matt.
Speaking with him really opened my eyes.
Communicating professionally in English is now a pleasure.
You’ll never regret it!

Intercultural Communications Specialist
Paris, France
After session two, I had two interviews and got offered both jobs!
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After just one session I started applying for jobs I’d never considered before.
After session two, I had 2 interviews and got offered both jobs! I discovered my professional profile, however atypical, is desired by employers.

Before we spoke I’d done some interviews that had gone poorly. Confused about how to reorient my professional life, it was hard to recognise my value. I’d been thinking of myself in a ‘small’ way. I was far from meeting my potential, totally lost and my confidence was waning.

Matt asked several piercing, pertinent questions. They forced me to think about deeply-rooted but ignored thoughts and notions. I loved feeling ‘caught’, because his questions made so much sense. It was like popping an overly-inflated balloon, and letting go of the pressure of outdated ideas.

I went from feeling afraid of being successful, to presenting myself proudly. Confidently stating my salary expectations and saying ‘Here I am, Hire me!’
Knowing ‘there ain’t nobody going to sell me, but me!’ And asking myself  ‘Does this employer deserve me? Are they going to pay me what I'm worth?’

I still reflect on some of Matt’s questions and continue to have ‘light bulb’ moments. I’m more relaxed and able to bring a steady stream of giggles back into my life.

For me, it was an incredible alignment of timing. An important support in a format that fit my schedule and budget. It was SO worth it.

Marketing Manager
Budapest, Hungary
Matt really helps you overcome anxiety. I feel like there’s a rock on my chest that’s been lifted.
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Before working together I had some anxiety when it came to speaking. A fear of looking ridiculous and making mistakes. Having to sound more professional than how I feel. Afraid I can’t express myself the way I’d like to.

When I had to write a presentation or an email in English, I spent hours and still felt it wasn’t good enough.

Now I feel confident and focused on what I’m saying, not how I’m saying it. It’s great to have a set of tools to improve my speaking and writing.

I feel like there’s a rock on my chest that’s been lifted. If I make a mistake nothing happens and that’s a great feeling. I’m more spontaneous and can express myself.

We did so much more than just work on my communication. Matt developed my marketing skills that I’m using in content writing, adverts, presentations and brand visibility. If I have to speak with a foreign client, or prepare for a meeting, I’m confident. It’s working, I can do this!

I could bring anything to the sessions, Matt was encouraging and really cared.
Thank you for your work!

I’m proud because I overcame my fears.

Head of Quality Control
Paris, France
I lacked confidence using English, but everything I’ve learned has transformed my communication.
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