Clarity & Confidence Kickstart

This is a focussed, 3 step coaching programme, 1-2-1 with me, online.

It’s for independent thinkers forging their own path in life, who want more clarity in where they’re heading and more confidence to get there.
Whether you’re a solopreneur, have a portfolio career or a side gig, it’ll challenge you to reach new levels.

It’s designed to unlock stuckness, create the freedom for you to thrive, and live your unconventional dreams.

Success that’s meaningful to you.

Man stood holding a cup of tea and smiling.
Are you on a mission?
Or are you drifting?

When you have focus and purpose, you feel 'On Top'!
You have a clear sense of where you’re heading and you’re confident in what you’re doing.
You’re on a mission.
You’ve things to do, places to go, people to meet and fun to have.

But maybe stuff’s happened?
You’ve been pulled off course.

You’ve lost energy, focus and drive.
And life’s lost its oomph.

You feel like you’re drifting.
It’s a place you never wanted to be.

There’s an invisible force that keeps you stuck!

Deep down, you feel slight panic.
You see other people zooming ahead, achieving their goals, and feel you’re running out of time.

You ask yourself

  • Where am I going?
  • What should I be doing?
  • I want change but don't know how!

You’ve a few ideas, but just aren’t sure.

And on top of it all, there’s an unhelpful soundtrack playing in your head.

Anything from this playlist sound familiar?
  • Where do I start?
  • Do I have what it takes?
  • What if it all goes wrong?
  • What will people say?
  • I'm not qualified. I'm too old!
  • Who am I trying to kid?
  • It didn't work last time.
Black headphones on a yellow background.
Are you afraid that as time ticks by and nothing changes, what you're really supposed to be doing in life drifts further away?
A man kayaking across the ocean.
Then you might be perfect for my
Clarity & Confidence Kickstart programme.
Why this could be for you

In the work I do, I meet talented, harding working people like you, with loads to offer.
Independent thinkers following unconventional dreams.

But stuff's happened and they’ve lost direction.

They read books and blogs, talk with friends, listen to podcasts, watch Youtube and TED Talks, trying to find 'the answer’. But everything stays the same.

I’ve been there myself.
You feel frustrated and alone.

You know you’re capable of more and you want to shift life to the next level.

What you really need is clarity and confidence.

How game-changing would it be to have someone sit with you, and help you find answers, so you can make the first step?
That's EXACTLY what I can do for you.
So what is the Clarity & Confidence Kickstart?

This is a focused 3 step coaching programme that breaks the loop of uncertainty that keeps you stuck.

I designed it to be short but with powerful results.

Imagine me sat beside you, helping you navigate a way forward.
Opening your mind to what’s possible.
Ideas, choices and options you perhaps aren’t aware of.
No more second guessing, trying to work it out on your own.

To be clear.
This isn’t about me giving you the answers, or let’s have a chat as friends.
We put the spotlight on you and dig down into what’s going on.
So ultimately you can create success that’s meaningful to you.
With independence and freedom.

We focus on

Getting clarity - Where are you right now? Where are you heading? What are your options? What’s possible?

Creating confidence - What’s holding you back? How do you get moving? What are the first steps you can take?

We form a plan.

A bold exciting vision for your future.

Crumpled paper aeroplanes on a yellow background.
What you get

Two powerful online one-to-one coaching sessions with me

Session One - 60 minutes focussed on now

Between sessions, your unique creative adventure exercise - mind opener!

Session Two - 90 minutes - focussed on the future


Follow up phone session - 30 minutes - to help you keep momentum

Email access to me for coaching support for 30 days

Results you can expect

Clarity on your current situation

An understanding of what's holding you back

An action plan that empowers you to move forward

And building on those you'll get

Trust in your ability and decision-making

Improved creative thinking and problem solving

Greater determination, resilience and self-belief


Ultimately, shifting your life to the next level.
Giving yourself the permission to creating more of what you want with freedom and independence as a result.

No More Drifting
Jet ski zooming around in turquoise sea creating waves.
Momentum & Results

Real impact in a short space of time.

You’ve given me confidence and self-belief, it was a kick up the bum!

In just one week, to have had our call, built on my ideas, took action and come out the end with an actual plan . . .

I didn’t expect that!


London, UK

A sentence in Matt’s free confidence download really caught my attention. So I decided to give his programme a go.

In just 4 weeks I’ve done things I wouldn’t have done before.

How great it feels to climb out of a stagnant situation.


Milan, Italy

The exercise was the most important thing we did. It really worked, I actually felt a change.

I gained a breakthrough on how I was looking at issues, and where I really wanted to go.

I was looking for clarity and I definitely got it.


Marseille, FRance
Your Investment

You get everything I mention above.

  • 2 hours 30 minutes of one-to-one coaching with me.
  • Your unique Clarity and Confidence creative exercise.
  • And an additional 30 minutes of focussed follow up.
Plus you get

As you take action steps and create change and momentum, you won’t be on your own.

I’m committed to your success, so for 30 days after session two, you get direct email access to me for coaching support.
(Value £89)

A man stood with his hands in pockets and smiling.
Your next step

Before you decide this is for you, let’s start with a short Q+A call.

Nothing formal. Just so we can get to know each other.
I can tell you a bit more and answer your questions.

If you decide YES, and want your life to transform, I’ll explain the next step. There's zero obligation and I definitely won’t 'hard sell'.

So if you're reading this and feeling a little bit nervous but excited at the same time, great!
Use that energy to make your first step.

Just drop me an email to say you’re interested.

I’ll reply to arrange our call.

To your success and unconventional dreams.
Thanks for your time.

More Success . . .

I’d been struggling with procrastination and perfectionism for some time, and these were holding me back in achieving my career goals.
The results of the exercise surprised me. Doing it triggered a different way of thinking.

You helped me put together a really good plan, build momentum, and make positive change in my life. I now look ahead with more energy and drive.
I achieved a lot in a short period of time.

It was fantastic to work with you Matt.


London, UK

I've never had such clarity in just one hour.

Clarity on what I want to do, confidence to do it.

It’s been brilliant.

I’ve recommended you to absolutely everyone and for all different reasons.

It’s been amazing Matt.
You’re great at it!


London, UK

After just one session I started applying for jobs I’d never considered before.
After session two, I had 2 interviews and got offered both jobs!

I went from feeling afraid of being successful, to presenting myself proudly

It doesn't matter where in life you feel stuck, want a boost, or need clarity: This program will leave you feeling changed, motivated and empowered.

I’m really lucky I found it, it was fantastic.


Paris, FRance
Is for you if you're . . .

ready to draw a line in the sand and want breakthroughs

100% committed to doing this, giving it your all, not just 'giving it a go'

ready to challenge yourself and allow me to challenge you in a supportive way

open minded and willing to use your creative thinking and ideas

wanting to let go of 'baggage' that doesn't support you in life

excited by what's possible

Is not for you if you . . .

want to be given answers

don't like challenging questions or accountability

can't commit to setting time aside for work between sessions and come prepared

don't want to explore your feelings, thoughts, emotions and feel some vulnerability

blame things on external circumstance and take no responsibility for creating your own results

are ok with the status quo (deep down inside)