Develop Confident Self Expression by Exploring Street Art

a film by matt ainsley

Street Story Málaga

What does graffiti in the streets of Málaga have to do with you?
Great question.

The answer?
An opportunity to understand self expression at a deeper level.

Art is a form of expression by the artist.
Viewing it sparks ideas, memories, and stirs your emotions.
All the ingredients for high level communication.

Sadly, instead of sharing this with others, all this rich detail and feeling often gets left out.
It’s never shared.
Especially when it comes to your professional communication.

So the streets of Málaga provide an opportunity to dive into a world, that generates dialogue rich in expression.

Come and explore.

Orangutan street art on wall
The Adventure

Do you know the feeling when you wake up, and after a couple seconds remember you’ve something exciting to do that day?
A place to explore, a person to meet, something to make or a surprise waiting . . .

The anticipation gives you a tiny jolt of adrenalin.

This is what I felt.

Sat on the edge of the bed, I rubbed my eyes.
My feet enjoyed the cool tiled floor.
A contrast to the room’s warm stuffy air.

We’d set our alarms for 6am.
The plan, after quick bowls of cereal, to be filming on the street by 6.30am.

At this time the Spanish sun would cast soft light.
Bright enough to illuminate the city and breathe life into colours, but without the harsh bleaching effect of the searing midday sun. 
Or the intense 41o heat we’d endured in Granada just a few days before.

I filled the kettle for my morning tea, then peeked through the thick blue linen curtains to the street outside.
Swallows squealed and darted, flapping like bats in the brightening sky.
A moped thrummed in the distance.
The city was slowly waking.

This morning would be an adventure . . .

6.30 am.
The green iron door of the apartment block groaned on it’s hinges and closed behind us with a heavy metallic click.
We were on the streets of Málaga.

The air was cool, with a lingering humidity that carried a magical scent.
Breathing in, you could detect the aroma of mediterranean herbs and flowering trees captured by the moist night air. 

So what was this adventure?

Where were we going?

Exploring self expression in street art

Just North East of Málaga old town, at the base of a pine covered hill where the castle sits, is the small neighbourhood of Lagunillas.

Outside the old city walls this quarter is close to where the Spanish inquisition set up its HQ, for torturous interrogations and executions.

Today, hidden in this district’s maze of streets and alleyways, you discover an ‘open to all’ urban gallery of street art, murals and graffiti.
A living, evolving, decaying exhibition of works by Lalone (Eduardo Luque, winner of National Graffiti League Spain), Borgart Tenis and other artists with a message to share.

I was ready to explore and keen to see what they had to say.

Let me introduce you to the characters, creatures, people and plants I found in Lagunillas. The sounds, textures and smells.

An explosion of visual imagery rich in colour, detail, storytelling and self expression.

Personal thoughts, emotions and messages, carried in the layers of decorative paint.

This is what I captured in Street Story Málaga

Come and explore . . .

Against a crumbling wall, cartoon kids dream of ice cream for breakfast.
An innocence and humour in their wide eyed expression.
Blues and greys fuse with pastel colours. Chalk shapes decorate the floor with playground games.

A basketball court void of people.
A hoop at one end with stones marking goal posts at the other.
Here and there, faces decorate the walls. Like silent spectators waiting for players to return bringing energy and life to the flat concrete expanse.
Jumping bodies, running legs, shouting voices, the flashing colour of bright sportswear.

Down an alleyway a jumble of angry fruits scream and snarl, baring fangs and stumpy teeth.
Eyes screwed shut in pained expressions.
A rat does acrobats on top of a chainlink fence.
A boy stares.

Hidden in shadow, a giant octopus lurks.
Writhing arms slither silently across the ground in search of prey.
Suckered tentacles crawl softly over the wooden bench where its sleeping victim’s sprawled.
The mechanical twittering of swallows flying above can’t wake the man to warn him of the nightmare embrace.

A white egret stands guard in a green glade.
Palms and leafy branches bow and flutter in the breeze.
The peach-coloured dawn sky welcomes the sunrise.
A fresh new day.

Barking dogs, a shouting child, the bang of workmen in the street.
Sounds that signal people are about.
A golden mural coded with detail, resembling the ancient Mayans.
A face stares back from across the street.
The eyes have seen many things but give nothing away.

A dog dreams of a new home. Grey whiskers and wet nose sniff out a green land with rolling hills.
An end to scavenging and begging.

A symbolic heart, a greek goddess, a victory fist of power and strength.
The radiant beauty of a woman thinking distant thoughts. Hair adorned with blossom.
The early morning sunlight diffuses the sky in gold.

Acid-yellow flowers lure insects with their nectar.
Bright orange tree petals carpet the pavement.

Randomly tiled walls of first floor bathrooms, open to the world for all to see.
The irony of a room that represents cleanliness, now so dirty and exposed.
A grubby shame.

Orangutan and Muppets stare back at you with eyes that express joy or hidden sorrow.

A haloed Pablo Raez.
A lost hero.
Siempre Fuerte - Always Strong.

A squeaking door, dogs bark to each other across streets and alleyways.
A snarling tiger.
Converse and cockroaches, broken bottles.
A baboon takes your photo on its iPhone.

The gnarled and twisted trunks of pine trees.
Contorted into wild shapes that defy the upright order of timber forests.
Faces peer back at you.

A lone vagabond cat with torn ear and battle scarred face, that carries the stories of victory.
She’s seen it all.
Too tired to explain. Exhausted.
You aren’t the first, nor the last.
You’re just another voyeur passing through.

Blown by a gentle breeze, leaves scuff across the ground.
Another day begins . . .

What did this adventure say to you?

Confident self expression is being able to openly show and share your feelings, thoughts and ideas with others.
But sadly, they are often kept secret.


1. A fear of vulnerability, and judgement. Dismissing what you think as unimportant.
2. Life passes so quickly you don’t take time to reflect before moving onto the next distraction.

Use this video adventure to tap into and develop your own confident self expression.

What did you see that touched you?
What emotions did it stir?
What ideas did it spark?
What did it inspire?

Please write and tell me.
Even if only one sentence to express what you’ve felt.


Because improving how you share, connect and communicate has a profound effect on professional and personal growth, happiness and success.

Don’t hide what you have to say.
Share it.

I want to hear from you.

Matt Ainsley

communication adventurer

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