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The place to practice speaking in front of others.
When English isn't your first language.

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Popcorn Club is for you, if you use English for work and want to grow your speaking skills and confidence in . . .








Delivering Training


Public Speaking


Online Calls


High Value Conversations


Marketing and PR Events


Trade Fairs


International Clients

Speaking to an audience can make you anxious and doubt yourself.
But when you practice these skills, you learn to trust yourself.
You find power in your natural self expression and your fears fade.
Speaking in front of others becomes spontaneous, authentic and fun!
It can transform your professional success.
It's what Popcorn Club's about.


We meet online via Zoom once a fortnight.

Each session is led by me and split into two parts.

Part one

You learn a key skill to bring confidence to your group speaking.
Then practice the skill with fun, freestyle speaking exercises.

Part two

You speak and present to the group.
You can either practice something specific to your work. An important project or pitch.


Your own topic you want to talk about and share.

We all speak for a few minutes so everyone gets to practice.
Then share feedback.

It's not me teaching you how to be a robot.
It's you developing your own style and strengths.

Popcorn Club is a safe place to practice and mess up!
Boost your confidence and reduce your doubts.
grow your communication muscles!


This is a communication fitness workout with a small supportive group.

We help each other step outside our comfort zones.
Share feedback with patience, kindness and humour.

The group's a mix of different languages, accents, cultures and backgrounds. You get an international audience and perspective.

You practice with other heart-driven professionals, who have the same goal as you.

To grow communication confidence while being honest and authentic.

This was beyond what I expected.

It was intelligent and effective and opened my mind to more than I thought I needed.
A rare opportunity to practice with other people who want to develop confidence in group speaking.

With much appreciation!

Dakar, Senegal

I strongly recommend Matt's Popcorn!

Just like Popcorn, Matt’s format is multidimensional: interactive, verbal, physical, international and rewarding.
He takes you through the tools of speaking to a group in English.

I got to practice speaking to an audience and one-to-one, with people from three different continents.
All in a supportive and positive environment.

I present to groups at work every day and I strongly recommend Matt's Popcorn!

Business Consultant
Paris, France


you'll learn skills in . . .

Articulating ideas and concepts
Body Language
Pace and Intonation
Bringing personality to your topics
Self expression
Cultural awareness
Sharing opinions and speaking up
Developing your art of natural conversation
Using your sense of humour in English
Understanding how your thinking creates obstacles when speaking to a group

along the way you'll also practice

Hearing different accents
Using new phrases and vocabulary

All of these explored with a mindset of adventure, creativity and fun!
Matt Ainsley Communicate for Success English coaching program


Drop me a message and we'll arrange a call.

I can tell you more and we'll see if it's right for you.

hi matt, i'd love to know more
What is popcorn club?

A relaxed environment to practice speaking to a group.
You play and experiment to develop your unique speaking style.
We start with a bite-size skill workshop.
Then we each practice presenting.

Who comes to popcorn club?

Professionals who want to improve their group speaking skills.
We’re from different cultures and backgrounds.
We’re brave enough to be vulnerable, as we know we’re not perfect.
But we’re motivated to grow with the support of others. We call ourselves ‘Popcorners’

Will i learn english?

The focus is developing your speaking skills. Not learning English.
But yes, as a bonus, you’ll learn some new phrases and vocabulary along the way.

will i get to speak much?

Yes. The group is small, so you speak every time.
You choose what to present and share.
Even when you’re not speaking, you’ll learn a lot from what you see and hear.

what if i make mistakes?

There are no mistakes because we’re all experimenting.
If you learn from something, is it really a mistake?
Popcorn Club helps you develop self awareness that allows growth, without being self critical.

what are the topics and exercises?

We focus on one skill topic each session.
For example pace, eye contact, calming your mind etc.
A mix of speaking and practical exercises explored with a mindset of creativity, adventure and fun.

when is it?

Sunday morning 9am GMT (London time)
A morning club works best for people in different time zones.

How long is each session?

90 minutes.

How many Popcorners are at each session?

Group size is limited to 5.
People in the group might change from week to week.

How do i attend?

I’ll email you a Zoom link.

can i cancel?

No. Because the group is small, if you confirm you’re coming you can’t cancel.
Being part of the club is a commitment to yourself and other members.

do i need to prepare before?

It’s up to you how much you prepare. If you’ve a specific work topic you want to practice, you’ll have prepared. If it’s a spontaneous speech, then just pick a topic!

what's the investment?

This is a pilot club by invite only.
In 2023 you’ll be able to buy a book of popcorn tokens.

do i have to come to every session?

No. But each session you’ll grow skills in a new area. It’s a commitment to keep your Popcorn skills active and fresh.
No one likes stale popcorn!

what are the rules on confidentiality?

If you attend Popcorn Club, you agree to the rules of confidentiality.
This covers sensitive and personal info, or any other thing that’s not yours to share outside the group.
I’ll send you a copy of this via email.
Privacy Policy on my website HERE

who are you?

I’m Matt.
A creative, adventure-hearted communicator.
Helping professionals transform their confidence and success through authentic communication.
For the full story, you can read about me here.

can i bring popcorn?

Of course! 😊 🍿

A single piece of popcorn


yes matt, i'd love to JOIN POPCORN CLUB!