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Communicate for Success

This 6 week personalised coaching program 1-2-1 with me, transforms your English self doubts into confident authentic communication.

Without changing who you are, or being someone you’re not.

You use English at work but it’s not your first language.
This tells me you’re brave and push outside your comfort zone.

But in certain areas of communication, you’re not as confident as you’d like.
Doubts get in your way.

As a heart-centred professional,
you value being genuine,
you care what others think,
you like to get things 'right'.

Perhaps you’re a secret perfectionist like me!

So why is communication sometimes a challenge?
You’re confident in other areas of your life right?

It’s because certain situations create self doubt.
You worry people won’t take you seriously.
They’ll think you don’t know your stuff because your English (or accent) isn’t good enough.
You'll be judged.

This could be

Speaking in front of colleagues or clients
Joining Zoom calls
Leading meetings
Giving presentations or training
Pitching to clients or selling to customers
Public speaking
Writing web copy, content, emails and social posts
Using the phone
Expressing your worth and expertise on your CV, LinkedIn profile, job applications and in interviews

Your brain says

'I can’t do this, I’m out of my depth'
'People will see I’m not good enough, I’m going to be found out, exposed!'
'I’m the one in charge, I can’t look like I don’t know what I’m doing'

to combat this

You take on an ‘uber professional’ role, how you think you should be.

You put your ‘serious’ pants on and start acting not like you.
Behaving inauthentically.
Not deliberately, but subconsciously.
You put on a mask.
Or you shrink into your shell and lose your voice.
Or you copy what everyone else says.
You lose your personality and unique self expression that makes you shine.
Or you put things off - the important email, the content you want to post…
You become your own saboteur.
This starts to get in the way of your professional success without you even knowing.
As time ticks by and you’re stuck in this loop of doubt, are you afraid you’re losing out on the success you deserve?
Then my Communicate for Success program could be perfect for you.
Matt Ainsley Communicate for Success program
Communicate for Success
Why this could be for you.

In my work, I meet talented, harding working people like you.
Independent thinkers following unconventional dreams.
Working outside their culture and upbringing.
Creative, curious and brave.

You’ve achieved a lot, but know you’re capable of more.
A vision to grow your career, business or team.

But instead of flourishing, doubts in your communication skills keep you trapped.

When it comes to confident communication, I know what it’s like to struggle on your own.

You think unless you act ultra professional, your message loses its power. Being naturally you isn’t enough.

It’s the opposite.
When you’re authentic, people engage and want to hear more.

You feel pride and accomplishment in what you say and share.
You free yourself from feeling you could always do better.
That you’re never quite good enough.

what you want is to

Not feel judged by others on your English ability.
Bring the natural self expression and personality you have in your native language to your English communication.
Feel understood and valued as an expert in your work.
Discover new ways to express your enthusiasm, ideas and values.
Be the one who creates, inspires and leads, not follows.
Free yourself of doubt and grow your professional confidence.
Ultimately create the vision you have for your future.

But there’s no one to guide you.
You feel alone.

So where do you start with being confident AND authentic?

The thing is, being authentic should be the easiest thing in the world. Because all it requires is you to be naturally, 100% you.

How game-changing would it be to have someone sit with you, and help you find answers?
That's EXACTLY what I can do for you.
So what is Communicate for Success?

Communicate for Success is an 6 week personalised coaching program 1-2-1 with me.
It takes you from self doubt to natural confidence.

We focus on specific areas you know are holding you back.

Matt Ainsley Communication Coach
so you can confidently

Lead your team
Win bigger contracts
Engage more clients
Shine in meetings
Ace presentations
Write copy that converts
Earn a promotion
Get the new job
Overhaul your website
All by being authentically you.

Snow. capped mountain and nature SVG
How It Works

Like me, I know you love adventure.
So I designed this program to be one.

Here’s what I mean.

Every adventure needs specific equipment.
If you explore the wild mountains of Tibet, or the jungles of Borneo, your kitbag contains different things.

Different maps, clothes and equipment.

This program’s the same.
It’s personalised.
You pick/choose/select what you want to work on.
(Your kit list is below. But more about that in a minute)

We identify your goal in terms of confidence and communication.
Then make a plan to achieve it.

It’s an immersive experience that includes creativity and curiosity.
It opens your mind to a different side of yourself.
Asking what’s possible and getting you to your destination and beyond!
Not turning up for a Zoom call with me for 6 weeks feeling stressed, anxious and uninspired.

The new land of communication we explore will empower you with everything you need to master your skills and confidence.
A dynamic, transformative experience that’s been described by clients as life changing.

Ready to explore?

Personalise your program
Here are 8 areas you may want to grow your skills and confidence in.
I call them your KIT LIST OPTIONS.
If there’s something specific you want to work on that isn’t listed.
No problem. We can do that.
As you read through, there may be 2 or 3 that stand out.
From these we create your program.
Choose Your Kit

Presentations are stressful to create and deliver
You spend hours the night before ‘perfecting it’
You’re anxious people won’t understand what you say, or be inspired
You worry your content is dry, boring or weighed down with detail.
Your brain gets overwhelmed and you rush to get it over with


Your listeners are involved, get excited and want to hear more

You’re the one who creates, inspires and leads, not follows

You’re valued as expert in your work

Become a dynamic leader, less of a ‘nervous school teacher’

Be able to present creative ideas to international clients, without getting tongue tied

No more losing sleep!


Meetings make you stressed and nervous
You worry you won’t express yourself well or get your ideas across
You focus on saying things correctly in English instead of the topic being discussed
Sharing an idea or brainstorming is intimidating
Your anxiety stops you asking questions if you don’t understand
If your English isn’t perfect you’ll be judged and loose the client


Confident to share ideas, solutions, concepts, proposals

You lead meetings, share opinions and ask questions with natural ease

You feel listened to, valued and respected

Others feel you’re someone they can trust

Feel pride in your contribution


Your content feels forced or inauthentic
It doesn’t reflect the values you share with your audience
You fear putting your personality into your message will sound unprofessional
You struggle to convert your native language style into English copy


LinkedIn articles, social videos and posts that engage your audience

Irresistible marketing emails that trigger action

Copy that inspires and converts your international clients

A website and blog posts that create new customers and leads


You’re ashamed of the country you’re from and level of your English.
You feel a need to act ‘professional’ to hide your doubts.
You present a mask of being in control and perfection so you don’t sound stupid.
It’s not authentic and gets in the way of you feeling confident and connecting.
You’re on edge. Like you’ll be found out


You bring the natural self expression you have in your native language, to your English

Free yourself from worrying what others think

You’re authentic with clients, which builds trust and connection

You’re spontaneous with personality and humour

Pride and accomplishment in what you say and share


Your work is technical or difficult to describe
You struggle to explain the value in what you do
You’re frustrated trying to bridge the gap between the power of your work and …
You feel isolated eel more like yourself and efficient in English as you are in your native language
You love what you do but struggle to express ideas etc that would be of value to others, your audience


Take a dry topic and make it relatable to someone outside your industry

Dig deep into ALL your experience, to share your greatness with the world 

Develop your emotional expression to gain positive influence

Engage with the world and broaden your audience

Know your worth and charge for it


You over explain your message. People get bored or confused
It’s hard to write concise emails or proposals
You lack confidence writing less because it means you ‘don’t know your stuff’
Or the opposite, you stare at a blank document not knowing what to write


Your message is clear and understood by everyone

Concise proposals that win new clients

Emails that get read and replied to

Edit your text and save time


Your CV, LinkedIn profile and about page sound like a tired sloth
You struggle to explain your skills, experience and value
Your cultural background makes shouting about how great you are a challenge
You can’t show the bigger picture of what you do, only the tip of the iceberg.


A CV that’s so engaging, the person you send it to tells 10 of their colleagues about this amazing applicant they’ve just discovered - YOU!

A LinkedIn profile that inspires the international community to contact you

An about page that expresses the value you create to your clients

Harness your unique strengths and articulate your worth on a job application 


You’ve something important coming up that’s new or unfamiliar
Perhaps an international conference, industry trade fair, PR or marketing event, a pitch to a new client or interview
You feel anxious, unprepared and don’t want to mess it up


Confidently use your English skills in high value conversations

Clearly put into words your expertise, knowledge and value you bring

Engage new clients, create new leads, win the contract, land the job

Tools to calm your anxiety so you’re relaxed, natural and professional

Parachute with sledge in the snow
Matt Ainsley English communication coach
Why this program is different

This is a personalised coaching program with me.
NOT a fixed module online course.

This allows us to focus on your specific goals.
At the same time sharing my expertise with you, having worked with many professionals across different industries and job roles.

I designed this program to not only help you in your chosen areas, but also strengthen your interpersonal skills at the same time.

There are ‘action steps’ (mini adventures) that expand your communication style beyond what it is right now.

Growing your self expression, vocabulary and emotional intelligence, in a natural way.

Like taking your communication from 2 to 3 dimensions.

Or buying new trainers, loving how comfortable they are, and asking yourself ‘why didn’t I buy these sooner?!’

My mission is to help you transform your confidence.

What You Get
Skill Sessions

6 x 90 minute sessions 1-2-1 with me via Zoom every 2 weeks.

Adventure Tasks

3 creative adventure tasks between sessions.

Achievement Calls

6 Achievement calls between sessions.

Success Tracker

To map and measure your progress, wins, learning and breakthroughs. 

in detail . . .

Focussing on the specific needs you chose from the KIT LIST, and the success you want to create.

We identify the things that stop your progress and remove them, so you get to your goal.

in detail . . .

You'll develop your communication through creative action.

We’ll focus on self expression, connection with others, interpersonal skills, presenting, articulating concepts and ideas, storytelling and more.

in detail . . .

We’ll talk between each skill session to share your progress, check you’re on track and keep motivation high.

Plus live communication practice with me.

in detail . . .

You'll have a detailed record of your adventure.

All your new learnings, insights, tools, tricks and skills to refer back to and use to practice.

The Wealth of Results You Get From This Program

Here are some of the benefits.
Results my clients have experienced that have surprised them.

self belief

Gain confidence to speak and share authentically without fear of judgement stopping you.

Emotional intelligence

Master your emotional intelligence and use this to your advantage in your communication.


Simplify your message for impact. Know what you want to say and how to say it.


Intensify resilience by not letting others comments knock you off course.


Bring energy to what you say using enthusiasm and dynamic self expression.


Get insight and tools to stop negative beliefs holding you back.


Ignite your creative thinking to share ideas and articulate concepts.

Trust building

Increase trust within your relationships.


Boost productivity with time saving and efficiency.


Strengthen your perception to others emotions for better relationships in and outside work.

super power

Discover how to value your heart-driven approach as a gift, not a weakness.


Take control of fear and anxiety, with skills to combat them.


Create calm and reduce stress, for a lower heart rate and longer life!


Build momentum so doubt or over thinking don’t slow you down.

These amplify your success to . . .

Inspire your team
Win bigger contracts
Expand your network
Land the new job
Stand up and speak
Shine in meetings
Earn a promotion
Write copy that connects
Inspire in presentations Interview with authority

Transforming your success by build trust and connection.
By being authentically you.

Client Results

It's been life changing.
A great experience that's helped me professionally and in my personal life too.

To be honest, I was a bit afraid at the beginning. Worried I’d be laughed at. That my problem wasn’t a real issue that justified being worked on.
My concern was that I’m not ‘enough’ when working in English. No matter how much I improved my English I still felt nervous. I got stressed before client meetings and had a communication block. When you can’t express yourself the way you want. I was worried this confidence block was connected to me as a person, and I’d have to solve it alone.
The impact of our work has been empowering and life changing. Now I trust myself and this gives me the freedom to speak. I’m braver at the start of meetings and just jump in.
I’ve learnt to share my personality and be more vulnerable. I’m more spontaneous communicating with clients and great at chit chat. This creates a warmer atmosphere, and I have a better relationship with them. I let myself combine the ‘everyday me’ and ‘working me’.
You understood my concerns. Nothing was too big a problem, but something I could change with your coaching. I could rely on you and trust you.
I often have moments when the things you said echo in my head. Like ‘this is what Matt was referring to…’ and it’s so helpful.
I really want to thank you!

Senior Project Lead
Budapest, Hungary

The communication skills I’ve developed have made a remarkable contribution to my career.

I first contacted Matt to be confident presenting a business proposal, in English, to potential partners in Taiwan. It was a success and we won our first partner in Asia.
As director of a team at an international pharmaceutical company in China, I regularly meet with colleagues all over the world. It’s important to feel and appear relaxed, because if your English isn’t good, your clients start to doubt you.
Thanks to working with Matt, I’m confident, and so are my clients.
I’m comfortable sharing vulnerabilities and expressing ideas, and at the same time staying respectful and open minded to others. This has benefited my relationships in and outside work.

Export Director
Shanghai, China

Matt really helps you overcome anxiety.
I feel like there's a rock on my chest that's been lifted.

Before working together I had some anxiety when it came to speaking. A fear of looking ridiculous and making mistakes. Having to sound more professional than how I feel. Afraid I can’t express myself the way I’d like to.
When I had to write a presentation or an email in English, I spent hours and still felt it wasn’t good enough.
Now I feel confident and focused on what I’m saying, not how I’m saying it. It’s great to have a set of tools to improve my speaking and writing.
I feel like there’s a rock on my chest that’s been lifted. If I make a mistake nothing happens and that’s a great feeling. I’m more spontaneous and can express myself.
We did so much more than just work on my communication. Matt developed my marketing skills that I’m using in content writing, adverts, presentations and brand visibility. If I have to speak with a foreign client, or prepare for a meeting, I’m confident. It’s working, I can do this!
I could bring anything to the sessions, Matt was encouraging and really cared.
Thank you for your work!
I’m proud because I overcame my fears.

Budapest, Hungary
we can all communicate
While some just put words into the world, others understand the power of great communication.

The freedom, creativity and connection, it brings.
An art that goes beyond just words.

You’re heart driven and know the strength in sharing more of your unique personality in your work. The more you do, the more your confidence and success grow.

Your relationships flourish.
Your ideas have positive impact on the lives of others.
You thrive at what you do.

I’ve helped many clients feel the freedom and pride that comes from mastering confident communication.

And want to help you experience this too.

Matt Ainsley Extra Percent English coaching program
So what does this mean for you?

This page may have sparked fresh ideas.
Perhaps an insight on something new.

Or questions.
Where are you heading?
What are your goals?

I’m curious.
What does YOU communicating confidently look like?

This vision is what working together is about.
I want to help you get there.

You’ve untapped greatness the world needs to see.

I believe in you.
So contact me and let’s create success.

hi matt, i'd love to know more