September 2021

‘Daydreams are a waste of time!’ they said. They were wrong.

Blurred lights by the sea at dusk

You climb onboard - a cab, a plane, a train . . .

You settle in your seat.

An armrest beside you.
A head rest behind.

You close your eyes and breathe.

One deep breath.

The speed of your day slows down.

Your ears tune into sounds, your nose to the smells around.
But your eyes stay closed.

The vibration of the engine is steady.
A gentle, soothing motion.

The tension eases, your shoulders drop.
You relax.

Now and then, a small jolt reminds you that you’re moving.

Some minutes pass.

Then a flash bursts across your eyelids.
Bright lights or the white of the searing sun?
It interrupts your calm.

Your head turns slightly.
To the window beside you.
You slowly open your eyes.

The speed of travel means you can’t quite focus.
Your eyes flicker as they catch fleeting glimpses.

People rushing,
Trees swaying,
Or the fluff of white cloud streaming by.

You’re sitting still.
You’re breathing slow.

Lost in your thoughts.
You’re looking through the window but unaware of what you see.

Your mind’s in a different place.

Snatches of imagined conversation.
A face.
A memory.
Fleeting ideas.

Your mind is creatively exploring.
A vision of what you want, how it could look, what you might do.

You linger in this blissful state.
Time passes.
Your mind turning over all sorts of fruitful ideas.
Of things you’re going to create . . .

Then stop.
A voice announces your destination and your daydream ends.

Your lucid adventure into the fertile land of ideas and creative thinking cut short.

Your mind returns to noise and movement.
The portal to your private world shuts.

Wisps linger in your thoughts . . .

How often do daydream moments exist in your life?

Allowing your mind the space and time to think.

There are always excuses - don’t have time, what’s the point, it’s a luxury . . .

But these moments are liquid gold.
Massively under used.

A deep ocean of subconscious ideas and solutions, just awaiting gentle encouragement to float to the surface and breathe.

Thinking moments like this are all around you.
But they don’t just happen on their own.
They need to be created.


The good news is, very easily.
But you need to make a conscious choice.

The problem is life continually gets in your way.
Greedily eating time, leaving none for your genius mind to spark and flourish.

So what’s the answer?

You need to consciously unplug.
your brain from the noise and chaos of life, and give it some calm.

Real calm.
Not TV, or reading, or scrolling on your phone.

Your brain needs nothing.

Your mind will never shout in your ear and complain.
But secretly it yearns this space.
To reflect and just be.
To be calm.
Be still.

So try it.

Gaze out of a window.
Then slowly close your eyes and sit.

Just five minutes.

Connect to your secret oasis of inspiration.

You’ll be surprised what magic occurs.

Daydreams and lucid thinking may not feel energetic and productive.
But when you create the space for them, and act on the ideas and inspiration they bring you, they are the fuel of life!

Are there enough in yours?

Matt Ainsley

life adventurer and unconventionalist

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