May 2022

Make writing emails easy. Use Coco's simple motto.

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You’ve heard of Coco Chanel.

The French orphan who scandalised fashion.
Stuck two fingers up at critics.
And lived at the Ritz Paris for 30 years.

Like you, she had something to share with the world.

She was well respected.
Uncompromising in design and business, she did things her way.
And certainly got things right creating professional success.

Even if your style tastes don’t match hers, you have self expression in common.
Communication as an art form.
A creative tool that gets you heard and valued.

So this got me thinking . . .

When it comes to professional communication, what could we learn from Coco?

‘Less is More.’

Such a simple sentence.
Just three words.

A motto she embraced in her design.

One that works miracles when applied to communication.
Especially email writing.

It helps you . . .

  • Let go of over explaining, and over justifying what you want to communicate.
  • Make it easy for others to REALLY understand what you’re saying.
  • Develop confidence in your message.

Et voila!

Simple, clear emails that get you heard, understood and bring you confidence.

No more looooong emails bloated with detail, information and explanation.
Like an outfit that’s over accessorised, strip out unnecessary words.
Keep sentences short.

It’s a sign of confidence.

Don’t worry about getting it perfect.
Just embrace the motto and challenge yourself to edit a few words from your next email.

Remember . . .

If you’re saying TOO much, you’re saying nothing.

By the way - The exact origin of this phrase isn’t precise.
Poet Robert Browning? Architect Peter Behrens? Who knows.
But a handful of designers took it to heart, creatives Mies Van Der Rohe, Le Corbusier, Chanel, and it served them very well indeed.

Matt Ainsley

life adventurer and unconventionalist

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