The ‘Choice Challenge’ that puts you in control

hand holding cone with strawberry ice cream on red background

What Are You Missing Out On?

It’s roasting hot here in London.
33 degrees.

I’m at my desk, tapping away on my laptop to the sound of an ice cream van tinkling in the distance.

As a kid, stick me in front of an ice cream menu and I’d pick strawberry every time.

It didn’t matter what it was, as long as it was strawberry.

When strawberry was sold out . . . I was stumped and took hours to choose.

What was it like for you?

Was it a quick decision or did it take ages?

How do you choose?

This ice cream daydream got me thinking . . .

When it comes to choices about more important things in life, how do you make decisions?

Are you

  • A Creature of Habit - you stick with the tried and tested
  • An Analyser - you weigh up all the options, pro’s and con’s
  • A Gut Instincter - you choose on feeling, spur of the moment
  • A Swayer - you’re pushed and pulled by others opinions
  • An Indecider - you stay stuck and can’t even pick an ice cream!

Any of these sound like you?

Let’s say, (like me with strawberry ice cream), when it comes to making life decisions, you go for the same mode every time.
You never stop to consider other options.

What might you miss out on, that you’re just not seeing?

For me, this can sometimes be a blind spot.
I have to stay aware, stop and think, before I fall into default choice-making mode (AKA ‘strawberry flavour every time mode’)
I force myself to open my mind to other possibilities.

Stay Alert

It’s wise to stay conscious of how you make your choices.

If life’s not how you want it, the only way you’ll create change is by making different choices.

'If you always do what you’ve always done,
you’ll always get what you’ve always got'
- Henry Ford

Think about this for a moment.

Whichever style you normally use, what impact does it have on where you’re steering your life?
What results are your choices creating?
(or not!)

Which leads me to the Choice Challenge if you’re up for it?

Over the next 24hrs, tune into your choice-making behaviours.
Notice every time you make a decision - no matter how small.
Become aware of which decision mode you’re using.

It could be

  • Creature of Habit - you stuck with the tried and tested
  • Analyser - you weighed up all the options, pro’s and con’s
  • Gut Instincter - you chose on feeling
  • Swayer - you were influenced by others
  • Indecider - you couldn’t make a decision at all!

While you’re in that moment of decision, ask yourself this one question

'How could I do it differently?’

Which decision-making mode would be the best?

Don’t do the same old . . . create new possibility in life.

'It’s your choices and decisions that determine your destiny'
Roy T. Bennett

Stay inspired, take action, keep adventuring!

Matt Ainsley

life adventurer and unconventionalist

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